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Joe Meeres - Founder, General Manager


Carpenters who have apprenticed under me will probably tell you that I drove them nuts with my little sayings and pearls of wisdom. “There are no problems, only solutions,” I’ll say, and someone will groan in reply because he’s heard that a hundred times already. Or “do what you say you are going to do.”

I don’t just say these things. I try to live it every day. The two most important roles I can fulfill on any project are a) anticipating problems before they happen; and b) dealing with those issues that come at you out of nowhere.

I have been building and renovating fine homes for 36 years throughout British Columbia, primarily in the Lower Fraser Valley. I like to think that there’s not too much in the construction business that I haven’t encountered before.

If I do my job right – and that’s what I aim to do every day – your project will proceed from start to finish exactly how you dreamed it might. On time. On budget. With very few surprises. And when an issue does arise, I promise you’ll hear about it from me, not as a problem, but as a solution that fully meets your needs and expectations.

Ben Meeres - Partner, Construction Manager


In 2005 I enrolled as an apprentice carpenter, working for the company on weekends and during the summer. After graduating highschool, I finished my required field work hours, and the 4 years of technical training at the University of the Fraser Valley, to become the youngest Red Seal Certified Carpenter in BC. Around this time, I realized I could have a real rewarding and challenging career in this industry.

Over the following years, each new build added knowledge, experience and interest. Details, design and craftsmanship became my passion. I love when a client brings us something big, beautiful and intricate to troubleshoot. If asked, I'll bring up ideas for added features and streamline aesthetics to make your home better than you'd hoped.

I'm very fortunate to have built for some of the most particular/quality-seeking clientele, and this has led to multiple high points in my career. In September 2015, we were featured in Renovation Contractor Magazine with a 2 page builder bio. We've received the "Best of Houzz: Service" award every year since 2015. Most recently, I was honored to be picked as part of the "Pros Panel" at the Renovators Roundtable, alongside HGTV's master contractor Jim Caruk.

Our client base brings us ultra custom projects that test and improve my attention to detail, and I love it.

Wendy Mazurenko

Administration Manager

Lynn Meeres

Administrative Assistant