what to expect

Joe Meeres will likely be the first person you meet. Joe will go over the plans with you, asking plenty of questions as he comes to an appreciation of your vision for your new or renovated home. Before a single shovel has hit the ground, this is the perfect opportunity for you to have an experienced residential contractor identify solutions to any potential problems in your plans.

Expect Joe to guide the key initial stages of your new construction project. Joe will generally coordinate all aspects from pre-excavation through to “lock-up” stage, paying close attention that all equipment and manpower is utilized efficiently and productively with a high regard for quality. This is also the time of the project where soils, foundation or structural engineering may be required. It is important to have an experienced builder to liaise with these professionals as well.

Most importantly, we make certain you understand what we intend to do, and that you are fully in agreement with it. Then, we do it. As general manager, Joe is always available, regardless of the phase of the project.

Once the roof is on the home, Ben Meeres will fully assume his role as project manager. Ben is a master of detail. He will coordinate the many subtrades involved in finishing your home. He’ll also pay close attention to the fine details that mean so much to you – the cabinetry, millwork, flooring and all other aspects of finishing, again drawing on his own years of experience and keen eye to ensure that when the keys are handed over to you, your home not only looks great, but also functions well.